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Mini Buttons Surprise Pak


We choose 10 mini buttons to surprise you!

These mini buttons are a wonderful way to tell people about home birth, breastfeeding and midwifery, in a fun and non-threatening way. Some make great gifts and awards, some help you promote your profession. You can also try what this mom did....

"I wanted to let everyone know how great the new mini buttons from AAMI are. I received them in the mail yesterday, and even my husband commented on them. I put them on the back of my two-month old's snugli (because who can resist peeking at a new baby, lol) and when we went for a walk today several people asked about them. I'm going to order a ton, they're a great conversation piece!" ~ Sarah W.

(In the photo, the buttons are shown alongside a business card so you can see the size in perspective. Cute!!)

Price: $10.00