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Birth from the Biblical Perspective—Terri LaPoint

SKU: 2012-2C-MP3

In this session, we will look at birth through the Scriptures and dig deep into the original languages to see what God really says. It might be surprising to you. Not that the answers haven’t always been there – they have. But very few have actually looked in the right places. We will look at Biblical perspectives on midwives, as well as the baby in the womb, who can be called as well as wounded, and how we can minister to these issues. This will be a powerful session, going places few have gone before. We will be faithful to the Word, and we will see people set free, and equip you to see captives set free. This session is not only for Christians, but for anyone who has wondered if maybe there is something more than what you’ve been taught. (And yes, there is.)

Price: $20.00