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Birthing Peace PART 2 of 2: How the New Science of Human Thriving Can Bring Joy to Your Life & To Your Clients with Marcy Axness

SKU: 2012-A5b-MP3

"Through the magic of transference, clients may see you as The Good Mother. In this workshop you’ll get a practical roadmap and tools to use in your own parenting, for more delight and joy at home (not to mention kids with optimal wiring of their brain circuitry); and ways of being with your clients that will deepen rapport, trust and delight. A user-friendly 7-principle framework for understanding and meeting children’s needs from newborn (or brand new client) to adolescence (or less adoring near-term client)… including ways for you and your clients to:
enrich the power of the magic postpartum window
harness the most potent means of teaching, and learning
share optimal childbirth preparation with our children
detour around the most common “peaceful parenting pitfalls” that are epidemic in our culture—and into more joy
engender such a level of respect that 99% of discipline issues evaporate and family enjoyment blossoms
revise old programming that trips up even the most conscious parents when kids push their buttons…so we don’t recycle it for yet another generation
tap into the power we each have to influence who we become in the coming weeks, months and years, thanks to the wonders of neuroplasticity, cell regeneration, and epigenetics: we are always pregnant with and parenting our future selves!"

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