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Jodilyn Owen: Childbirth Educator and Doula Who Trusts Birth

SKU: 2010-Owen01-MP3

Jodilyn Owen—The Childbirth Educator and/ or Doula Who Trusts Birth (90 min)

What an amazing window of opportunity childbirth educators and doulas have to demonstrate birth trust and present birth truth. This workshop will not only discuss the changing paradigm for childbirth educators and doulas in light of the most recent statistics and the trust birth philosophy as it can be applied to all aspects of birth work. If you currently work as a childbirth educator or doula you will benefit from the insights of an experienced childbirth educator/doula. If you are thinking about becoming a childbirth educator and/or doula, you will have new considerations regarding teaching and learning about childbirth after this session.

Price: $20.00