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Claire Hall: Woman Led Childbirth

SKU: 2010-Hall02-MP3

Claire Hall—Woman Led Childbirth (90 min)

So often, women are led by their practitioners through their antenatal care, labor and birth practices, that we have a society filled with uneducated women who will allow just about any intervention because they believe their practitioner always knows best. They walk like sheep to the slaughter, so to speak, and end up with harmful medications, unnatural birth positions, and having their babies literally cut from their wombs all because they were told it was best for them and their babies. It is time, we, as birth professionals learn to truth trust in birth and begin practicing what we preach by not only encouraging women to lead us, but teaching them how to move away from the mentalities that are forced on them from the media and society as a whole. Many women are already there and are choosing to educate themselves and trust in birth in spite of the typical fears that even we carry into our practices. It is our responsibility to help all women learn how to lead in their care—and time for us to learn how to follow.

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