Ancient Art Midwifery Institute

...was established in 1981 as The Apprentice Academics Midwifery Home Study Course.

Since then we have enrolled more than 2,600 students and revised our curriculum many times; we even changed our name - but we have never lost sight of our original vision for midwifery education.

We are here to assist and encourage as many as possible in their quest to become midwives or better qualified midwives.

We support apprenticeship, the historically proven route of training for midwives.

We have proven that it is possible for women to set high educational goals and to attain a superior midwifery education without having to sacrifice their own families.

We believe that midwifery is a very special calling; family honoring, blessed by God, truly...



Ancient Art Midwifery Institute is fundamentally dedicated to the promotion of midwifery as more than a contemporary profession. Midwifery really is an ancient art and we should not ever forget that there were smart, caring women who came before us. Our generation did not invent this profession and if we do not mess it up, it will continue to exist long after we are gone... When my days are done, I want to be known as someone who did what she could to hold the door open for the next generation of smart caring women who practice the ancient art of touching the future.
Founder, Director